Monday, 16 November 2015

A Little Update..

It's been a while since I posted a blog post, so I thought I would update you! This year is going so quick, it feels like yesterday we were on our Halloween break.
 November has been a quite month, so unfortunately we have had a lot of normal classes.. :( At least it's almost Christmas(Only 38 days..!)

Although this month has been quiet, meaning no trips, we are busy in other ways. We have all been busy with Mini Company, and most of the groups are in production and selling. Our Mini Company, Why Knot, is a clip that you can attach to any phone, to keep earphones untangled. Mr. Walsh is helping us to make it in the tech room, and we already have a few orders :)

In Home Ec, we have been busy making and decorating our Christmas cakes. We are also doing our Irish and History projects. We are almost finished our first block of Work Experience. I have enjoyed working in the Credit Union each Wednesday. Next week, I have a block week in the Mater Hospital, which I am really looking forward to :) I will finish up here.. stay tuned :)

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