Thursday, 3 December 2015

Mater Hospital

Last week, I spent one week in the Mater Hospital, as part of work experience. I had organised it during the summer, and was really looking forward to it. I have always had an interest in working in healthcare when I am older, and I knew this week would help me to see what it is like.

On Monday 23rd Novemeber, I got the train to Drumcondra, and was at the hospital for 10.00am. I met with the co-ordinator, Sandra, and the other TY students. There were 8 other students on the programme, and we all got on really well. We first went to the classroom, and got our staff badges, folders, and coats. Sandra then showed us around the hospital, and we met with people like a Health Quality Officer and a Junior Doctor. At 1.00pm we went to the staff canteen for lunch. After lunch, we went to the Radiography Department. I found this really interesting.

Tuesday was an exciting day, as we were in theatre. We 'scrubbed in' and met with the surgeon. He told us that it was a minor surgery, which involved removing a cyst from a womans finger. The woman was placed under local anesthetic, and we watched the surgery. I found this interesting, but I don't think I would like to work in surgery.

Throughout the week, we visited the other departments like Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychiatry and Orthoptics. We also went to the Spinal Injury Ward and spoke to many of the nurses working there. The Mater is also the centre for heart and lung transplants in Ireland, and we got to visit this unit and speak to the transplant co-orinator.

We also visited A&E, and the nurses talked to us about their job. The paramedics showed us around the ambulance. We also spoke to an A&E consultant about his job and how he went in to it. We met with an anesthetist in the old surgery wing, and got to use our stethoscopes on the sim(simulation) man. She told us that she completed this TY programme, which made her want to study medicine.

On Friday, we were shown the mortuary. I didn't know what to expect, but David who works there was very nice. He showed us the room were the post mortems are carried out, and what his job involves. The week went very quickly, and soon it was time to leave. I loved my week, and really got to see what it is like to work in a hospital. I found Occupational therapy really interesting and I would love to work in this area in the future.

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