Monday, 11 January 2016

2nd Work Experience

On Wednesday 6th January, we started our 2nd block of work experience, which will last 6 weeks. I am doing mine in Avoca, Rathcoole.

As this was our first day back after the Christmas holidays, it was quite a shock getting up at 7.30. My mam dropped me for 9, and I met with the manager, Katherine. She was very nice, and showed me where to put my bag and coat. I then was given the shop of wrapping the bageuettes and putting them out in the store.

I am working in the food hall area, which is quite busy. I had lots to do, like putting out stock and cleaning up. I have never had a job in this kind of environment, so it is good to get this experience. I alsoget two half hour breaks, which I definitely needed. I can have whatever food I want, for free, which is reallly nice :)

I finished at 4, and was quite tired when I got home. I suppose I wasn't used to doing much since the Christmas holidays! All the staff were very nice, and I am looking forward to next Wednesday.

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