Monday, 11 January 2016

Happy New Year

2016 has well and truly begun, and we are all settled back in school after our Christmas break. I really enjoyed the two weeks off, but it's hard to get used to getting up early for school. A lot happened before the holidays, so let me fill you in.

On Wednesday 9th December, all TY's went in to town to sell holly in aid of the ISPCC. We went in on the bus, and met up with the organiser, who gave us our stations and our holly badges to sell. We were outside Brown Thomas'. Grafton Street was very busy, and we sold a lot of badges. Afterwards, we went for lunch. I enjoyed the day, and it really got us in the Christmas spirit.

On Wednesday 16th December, we went to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre to see the musical Mary Poppins, We left just after the Carol Service in school, and arrived in the Docklands at around 12.30. We had some lunch and the musical started at 2. The production was straight from the West End, and it was brilliant. The cast were all amazing, and the music was great. I really enjoyed the day.

Even though we are in TY, we still had to do our Christmas Exams. They weren't that bad, as we didn't have that many. We finished on the Friday, before all the other years.

On Monday 21st December, the TY's went to Blanchardstown for ice skating. We had finished our exams, and were given this day as a treat. We went with Ms Leonard and Ms McMahon. We had time before the ice skating to get some Christmas shopping done, and to get some lunch. We were all quite nervous getting on the rink, but after a while we were fine. I really enjoyed ice skating, but unfortunately fell just before we got off. I had a few bruises but I still really enjoyed it :)

Afterwards, we were officially on our Christmas holidays! I really enjoyed the break, and of course Christmas :)

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